UNT departments and stakeholders can request specific content for the Navigate app. Content is subject to the approval of the Navigate team in accordance with the following policies and may fall under any of the categories listed below.

Content Request Policies

1. There is no maximum time frame for content submission, but the Navigate team requests  that content be submitted no less than 1 week before it needs to go live. The best practice is to plan on a semester or monthly basis. If you have content needing faster turn-around, reach-out to the Navigate team and we will help if we can.

2. Content must be requested through the web form to be considered.

3. Content drafts will not be made available unless the Navigate team needs clarification on something before publication. Please be sure the spelling/language you use is correct before submission.

4. Content must be broadly, if not universally, applicable. Major University initiatives, messaging to significant student subgroups (like classification), and flagship programming are all generally considered acceptable app content. Not all content has to be academic-focused, but it does need to contribute to engagement in the broad UNT community.

  • Appropriate App Content Examples: Homecoming Week, Prepare to Test with the Best, Career Fairs, Final Day to File as an Official Student Org, and reminders to register for the Equity and Diversity Conference
  • Inappropriate App Content Examples: Student Org meetings (other than student government associations), campus events with very limited audiences, and reminders for students in a specific class to turn in an assignment 

5. Content may be pushed back if: the limit on app items has been reached for a particular day or the student group needs to be adjusted.

6. Content requests may be rejected if: the turnaround time between request and publication cannot be met, the item is already being suitably addressed by other app content, or the item clearly does not meet the standard for app publication.

Submit your content request for tips or to-dos/events here: navigate.unt.edu/content-request-form 

Surveys require a consultation before details are submitted. To schedule an appointment, please email Navigate@unt.edu including a brief description of what you want to assess and information about the target audience.