Navigate is a comprehensive student success tool at UNT. Owned by the Education Advisory Board (EAB), Navigate consists of two products: Strategic Care and Smart Guidance. 

STRATEGIC CARE, commonly referred to as Navigate Staff, provides better information for faculty and staff in their work with students. Not only does it schedule and track appointments, but Navigate Staff allows us to share notes and student interactions with other departments on campus to provide more holistic student service. Currently, there are a number of student-serving offices utilizing Navigatge including academic advising, the Career Center, the Student Money Management Center, the First Generation Success Center, and more. For a full listing, click here. Additionally, administrators can take advantage of the robust analytics platform to make data-driven decisions about student success. The analytics feature will launch in September with training offered through the month. 

SMART GUIDANCE, common referred to as Navigate Student, is the student-facing resource of Navigate. It is available to students in a web version or convenient mobile app. Through this platform, students can schedule appointments, find and favorite resources on campus, sign up for study groups through the Study Buddies features, and keep up with important dates and deadlines. We also have the ability to nudge students to take action on important tasks by creating to-do items for them or sending them push notifications through the mobile app. 

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