The Navigate Student App includes a brief intake survey customized to UNT. As staff members cannot access the survey directly without being enrolled as a student, this page provides an overview of the current survey structure to familiarize our partners with this feature of the app.

Q: Why is there an intake survey for the app?

A: These answers are used to personalize some of the app content students receive to best match their interests. For example, a student indicating an interest in pre-law or pre-health will receive tips, events, and to-dos specific to those indicators that we would not send out to all students.

Additionally, this is a valuable opportunity for us to collect information about the student experience that we currently have no other avenues to collect for large groups of students. 

Both factors can contribute to future Navigate app content, programming plans, and broader university initiatives.

Q: Who completes this survey and when do they do it?

A: All students who login to their Navigate account complete the app. Students are prompted to complete it the first time they ever login and again after each re-publication. There is no formal publishing schedule, but the Navigate team generally re-publishes the survey at the end of the fall and spring semesters. This process allows us to make minor adjustments as necessary as we prepare to bring in new students, in addition to providing students the ability to change their answers if something has changed since their last survey. Students don't have to do anything to locate the intake survey when a new version goes live, as it automatically prompts them upon publication and does not allow students to access other parts of the app until it has been completed.

The current version of the app, outlined below, was published in mid-May 2022.

Additionally, students do have access to change their answers at any time through their app. This can be beneficial for students who make decisions about future career plans or semester goals during the summer or the middle of a long semester. If you're working with a student and realize they haven't completed the survey or have answers that no longer match their interests and needs, we strongly encourage you to suggest they make an update so their app content and outreach from campus programs is as accurate and beneficial as possible.

Students can update their survey answers any time by clicking Settings in their app and then My Profile.

Q: Where do I find these responses?

A: These results can be found in either of two places: 

  • A student's individual profile under the Path tab in Navigate, where you can find their answers to each question
  • Broader app analytics that allow you to pull a list of all students who have provided particular answers

Access to the Analytics page is given upon completion of the Student App Content & Analytics training, while Path tab access may be available without additional training. Contact the Navigate team at to request Path access if you do not have it.

Additionally, you may contact the Navigate team to request ad hoc reports for particular metrics of the survey. 

Q: What should I do with this data?
A: The Navigate team has no specific expectations for direct outreach as a result of this data. However, we do encourage department leaders to work with their teams to establish best practices for making use of this data in their marketing and programming decisions. 
Q: Who decides what is included in the intake survey?

A: In conjunction with our EAB liaison, the Navigate Leadership Committee reviews the survey and its data each semester to determine what changes may be necessary to best serve our students. The new survey is then finalized by the Navigate team and presented for final approval to the Navigate Project Owner and executive leadership, when necessary, before its publication.

If there is a particular metric not being included in this survey that you would like to propose, you are welcome to email so the Navigate team can make note of it for consideration before the next version is published.

Q: What questions are asked in the current version of the survey?
  1. I am: (mark all that apply)
    1. A first-generation student
    2. An active service member, a veteran, or military dependent
    3. A full-time caregiver for one or more individuals
    4. Working at least 25 hours while in school
    5. Planning to transfer to another school to complete my degree
    6. Taking all online classes
    7. None of these apply to me
  2. I am interested in: (mark all that apply)
    1. Exploring other majors
    2. Getting involved on campus
    3. Joining a fraternity or sorority
    4. Studying abroad in a future term
    5. Volunteering, service, or leadership opportunities
    6. Being paired with a mentor
    7. Pre-Health Careers
    8. Pre-Law Careers
    9. Graduate or Professional School
    10. Information about inclusions, diversity, and equity involvement opportunities
    11. Information about changing your personal identifying info (i.e. your name) in UNT systems [triggers a follow-up message from a Navigate team member to assist]
    12. None of these apply to me
  3. My biggest concerns are: (mark all that apply)
    • Paying for college
    • Reliable access to regular food
    • Safe and consistent housing
    • Learning accommodations for my classes
    • Access to or familiarity with technology/software for my classes
    • I have no major concerns
Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions about the survey or its data?
A: Contact the Navigate Team by emailing