Enhancement requests are user requests that may make the Navigate platform more useful. While we have limited control over the EAB product roadmap, they do have an Idea Portal where their partners can submit enhancement requests to be commented on and upvoted by partners. The popularity of requests can help the EAB product team as they determine future releases. Enhancement requests submitted by UNT members will be posted and updated here. Don't forget you can also check out the Release Notes from the EAB Help Center. Don't see something you'd like? Email navigate@unt.edu. 

Integrate with Canvas to See Current Grades

July 2022: This has been suggested by multiple partners who work with EAB Navigate and EAB is starting to explore ways they can integrate with different LMS systems. I do not have a good roadmap for this, so it could easily be a long way away, but they are starting to look at this. Additionally, CLEAR has this on their radar in case anything becomes available on the Canvas side.  The Division of Planning and CLEAR are exploring other avenues to export/import data that might be useful such as Canvas logins, usage, etc. 

Splitting Appointments Evenly Between Advisors
July 2022: Navigate currently has a very odd way of assigning appointments or ordering staff members in the dropdown. They use something called an alternate ID (which is not a UNT thing, but a Navigate thing) and staff members show up based on their alternate ID order. Each time slot randomizes the order, but it isn't intentional to attempt to get a more even split amongst staff member appointments. I have submitted an enhancement request to EAB on this topic. If this would help your office, or if your office sees a discrepancy in appointments scheduled with advisors, please let me know so I can provide additional use cases for the enhancement request, which usually helps get them more traction.
Ability to Enhance the Search Functions (search by telephone number, getting search results with misspelled names, etc.)
July 2022: There is an enhancement request submitted for the ability to search by phone number. I have upvoted this request and commented on it. At this time, it is not an overly popular request from other partners and has not been listed on any future product roadmaps. You CAN search by email address (a typical my.unt.edu address) using the Advanced Search, but not phone numbers. I will update if this gets added to any EAB roadmaps. Enhancing the search to include possibilities based on misspelled names is not currently an option and I don't believe this will be addressed in the future.
Customized Messaging with Appointment Scheduling
July 2022: Currently, the messaging can be confusing for students, especially when advisors are booked up. There is no customization for this. However, there is a very popular enhancement request in the Idea Portal to allow custom messages at each step of the scheduler. This could include descriptions for care units, messages when a student can't find an appointment, or even better messages if a student is blocked from scheduling due to no-shows. I would imagine this to happen in the future—but it is not included in this quarterly product update. I am hoping this gets addressed in a future product update and will keep users updated here. 
Trends of No-Shows
July 2022: You can currently run an appointments report and filter for no-shows and try to find trends in that capacity. However, there is not a no-show report. We DO expect a few things coming this quarter: There should be cancelation/reschedule links in appointment confirmations and reminders to make it easier for students to cancel instead of no-show. I will post in Teams and here when this becomes available. There is also an enhancement request for a no-show report. However, because you can technically get a list of no-show students, I don't anticipate this to be high on the priority list. I also recommend including some type of no-show policy or message in your special instructions when you set up availability. Something like, “If you cannot make your appointment, please respond to this email. If you do not show up, it may be 2-4 weeks until our next available opening due to demand.”
Automatic Appointment Surveys
July 2022: This is one of the most requested enhancements that we receive and it has been submitted to EAB by many partners. I imagine it will be on a future roadmap, but not sure exactly when that might happen. If you want to find ways to survey students post-appointments, email navigate@unt.edu so we can talk through options. Most of them are manual and involve sending follow up emails using reports.