Q: How do I get access to Navigate?

A: Some instructors receive automatic access to the Navigate platform due to their roles in Peoplesoft. Additionally, some offices are being required to join Navigate for specific functions per their dean's request/ Those offices are being onboarded on a set schedule with specialized training and resources. Other instructors or new employees can request access and training by emailing navigate@unt.edu with their name, department, EUID, and a brief explanation of how the system will be utilized. A Navigate team member will follow up, if needed. 

All users are required to be FERPA trained and must have supervisor and/or dean approval. 

Q: Now that I have a Navigate account, how do I login?

A: Staff and faculty members login using their EUID with the Strategic Care, otherwise known as Navigate Staff, link here: universityofnorthtexas.campus.eab.com.

Staff and faculty DO NOT have access to the student app unless they also have an active student account (enrolled at UNT within the past 2 years), so if you cannot login, please ensure you're not using the navigate.unt.eab.com link. 

Q: Who or what determines how much access to data I have in the tool?

A: Depending on your job responsibilities, you will be assigned a Navigate role that provides the sufficient information needed for your position on campus. If you believe you need a different level of access, email navigate@unt.edu. All requests will need supervisor and/or division approval. 

Q: How often is the data in Navigate updated?
A: Information that is unique to Navigate such as appointment scheduling, notes created on students, and appointment summaries is updated in real time. Student data such as major, GPA, and registered courses comes from Peoplesoft (EIS) and is pulled from UNT's data warehouse nightly. Any changes made to a student's record in Peoplesoft (EIS) will be reflected in Navigate the following day.
Q: What kind of data do students provide to staff through the app?

A: In addition to the student success analytics provided in Navigate, students can provide data through engaging the app in any of three ways:

  • Career/degree plan interest if fully utilizing the Major Explorer feature
  • UNT resource/support program interest if fully utilizing the Resources feature
  • Self-declared demographics, interests, and concerns through the Intake Survey, which all Navigate users are required to periodically complete

To learn more about the Intake Survey and review the current questions and format, visit navigate.unt.edu/intake-survey 

Q: Is student data secure? Who has access to it?
A: EAB is a FERPA compliant system with extensive security protocols in place to ensure safe data management. There are also unique roles within the system to ensure student data is only accessible by those who meet the standards for an academic interest as defined by FERPA. 
Q: What does a student have access to in the tool? Will they be able to see everything faculty and staff users can?
A: No, the student view is limited to their personal data. This includes: class schedule, holds, to-dos and events placed by staff, and appointment information.
Q: Are trainings available?
A: Yes! Live trainings will be provided to new users within the platform and when new functionalities become available; find our training schedule here: navigate.unt.edu/training. Departments can request separate, customized trainings, as needed. You can also self-enroll in the Canvas Navigate course which will give you access to a number of self-training modules. Self-Enroll here: https://unt.instructure.com/enroll/T4W6AB If you or your department needs additional training, email navigate@unt.edu.
Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions about the tool?
A: Contact the Navigate Team by emailing navigate@unt.edu.