The Navigate Team has a variety of promotional items and information resources that staff and faculty are welcome to distribute to students. Quantity for some items is more limited than others, but we will do our best to fulfil any requests. Below, review the currently available items and submit a request form for anything you'd like us to send you. At the bottom of the page, you can also download a variety of information resources to use or adapt for class syllabi, Canvas pages, signage, and more.

Promo Items

For student distribution:

Student Promo Items such as an info card, a flashlight keychain, and a #2 pencil.

For staff use:

Staff Promo Materials such as a notepad, a window cling, and a pen.To request any of the above items, click here.

Info Resources

If you'd like an informational resource with other/additional information, reach out to the Navigate team at and we'll put something together for you!

  • Syllabus Snippet - Word Doc | PDF
  • Canvas Announcement/Slide (Full App) - PPT | PDF
  • Canvas Announcement/Slide (Study Buddies) - PPT | PDF
  • Canvas Announcement/Slide (My Career) - PPT | PDF